Tweets Containing #hashtags get 55% More Retweets

I just read an interesting statement confirming that tweets contain hashtags get more retweets contrasted against a database of more than 1 million tweets written in English. It confirms that tweets containing one or more hashtags get 55% more RT or retweets.

Quoted mentions

The article also mentions that the tweets using quoted mentions you also get up to 30% more retweets. This may be because the quotes and interesting mentions often cause retuiteador effect among our followers.

Where to place hashtags

As regards where to place the hashtag in each tweet, I always prefer to put it at the end of the tweet even if it includes a URL. You can also do it strictly at the beginning or in the text where the key word or hashtag appears but my preference is still done at the end of 140 characters.

Link | Dan Zarrella

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  1. BTW I prefer hashtags at the en of the tweet.


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