Where To Get Emails Sent To Your @facebook.com Account

Where To Get Emails Sent To Your @facebook.com Account

Currently the messages to your email address @facebook.com sent messages come to your Facebook.

However, Facebook is updating the operation of @facebook.com addresses so soon any messages sent to these addresses no longer reach Facebook messages.

Instead, these emails are forwarded to the primary email address of the account you have registered on Facebook.

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Elliott Fitch Shepard

Elliott Fitch Shepard (1833–1893) was a New York lawyer, the owner of the Mail and Express newspaper, and a founder of three banks as well as the New York State Bar Association.

#1: Borned and Raised in New York City

He was born in Jamestown, New York, one of three sons of the president of a banknote-engraving company. During the American Civil War, Shepard earned the rank of colonel and was a Union Army recruiter. After attending the City University of New York, he practiced law for about 25 years.

#2: Church in Woodlea

One of his residences, Woodlea, and the church he founded nearby, Scarborough Presbyterian, are contributing properties in the historic district of Scarborough-on-Hudson in the village of Briarcliff Manor. Woodlea, one of the largest privately owned houses in the United States at the time, is now part of Sleepy Hollow Country Club.

#3: Married to Margaret

Elliot Fitch Shepard was married to Margaret Louisa Vanderbilt, granddaughter of philanthropist, business magnate, and family patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt. Deeply religious, Shepard became the controlling stockholder of the Fifth Avenue Stage Company so he could force it to close on Sundays.

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