How to Add Google Pus Tab to Your Facebook Fanpage

The process for adding Google+ to your fanpage on Facebook is fast and easy with Google Plus for Pages. I just added the Google+ profile WAYDN in our fanpage on Facebook that several weeks ago surpassed the 50,000 fans.

Adding Google+ Tab to Your Facebook Fanpage

Installation Tab on your Facebook fanpages is easy following the footsteps of Google Plus for Pages through the Facebook application to add Tab to Google+ Pages:

  1. Access Tab for Google Plus Pages
  2. Go to the application.
  3. Google+ add to your page by clicking the button Add to your Google+ page.
  4. Add the ID of your company profile or page on Google+ you’ll find the URL of your profile.
  5. Set the number of status updates to display.

Link | Google+ Tab for Fanpages

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