FastPokeMap is no Longer Working to Find Monsters on Pokemon Go

FastPokeMap is no longer working to locate monsters on Pokemon Go according to their site, reddit, and Twitter updates.


#1: FastPokeMap 5st November Update

Here it is the official message that we can find when we access official site

Nov 5st Update: Niantic did it, they changed a lot of their internal algorithm rendering our past 3 months useless. It’s been real fun guys and I hope FastPokeMap gave you some kind of pleasure in the last months. Sadly this adventure is over for the time being. Look out for future projects.

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FastPokeMap WAS a live GO map, helping you find monsters around you.

#2: Pokemon Go patched FastPokeMap scans

In technical terms: Our secret bypass that allowed us to do scans wihout restriction (3months of research) got patched. I can’t go on.

#3: FastPokeMap Reddit Update

I don’t know what to say except that a work of 3 months just disappeared and that i’m too disheartened to even say anything. I cried a bit earlier (nah not for the money loss haters but for losing something i worked so hard on, something i needed to keep myself sane). Thanks everyone for all the support we’ve had since the 1st August.

Thanks haters for entertaining me enough and making me more motivated to prove you wrong and pushing me to make FPM better than ever.

Sadly Niantic has other plans for this game and they’re starting to rollout their pokemon-near-pokestop tracker worldwide.

You can find the whole conversation treath on reddit.

So, it will take a long time since we can use another mobile app to locate our monsters. Keep calm and happy hunting at Pokemon Go.

Link | FastPokeMap

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