8+ Applications To Send Longer Tweets To Twitter

Sometimes 140 characters are not enough to send your Twitter status updates. I found 8 web applications that allow you to send longer tweets when you need it. Let’s see.

longer tweets

#1: Tweetc

Tweetc seems the most attractive although it is limited to split your long tweets sent multiple messages.

#2: Tweetextend

Tweetextend to send tweets of up to 14000 characters. That seems to me too!

#3: Tweetlonger

Twit longer brother. Application is called Twitlonger indeed.

#4: Twitlonger

Twitlonger send longer tweets and contains API for developers.

#5: XLTweet

xltweet as its name suggests to send tweets size XL.

#6: ezTweets

ezTweets application that lets you send tweets without character limit to integrated with Twitter and Facebook.

#7: TwitterContd

TwitterContd can attach files up to 100MB and more than 1200 characters.

#8: RichTweets

RichTweets enriches the tweet with colors, images, videos and widgets.

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