5+ Reasons why I always give Followback on Twitter

Usually, when people visit my profile on Twitter for the first time they wonder why I have so many followers and why I followback so many people.

I have a habit continue to follow everyone who has given me follow. Although I have no explanation because, as everyone continues and stops follow on Twitter to whom he pleases, these are some of the main reasons. Although I’m sure there are many more!

#1: I am not Shakira nor Cristiano Ronaldo

We all want to have more followers, interact with them and interact with us. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luck and visibility Shakira Cristiano Ronaldo required to rain down upon us followers. Both now have more than 24 million fans and still less than a hundred users.

#2: You should be Grateful with everyone

What better way to thank the follow than doing it on a reciprocal basis? We all like people to follow us. Any positive interaction is good. A message of thanks or a first interaction is ideal when you have been followed someone. And a followback is not forever. Thank and return the follow.

#3: Matter of Quality

Following tens of thousands of followers and followed is impossible to read all the tweets and content sharing your followers and people you are following. What is the problem? Many times in my timeline I find valuable content. If I like what I share. At the same time, I value the community. If I throw a doubt or question I always find more than one answer and that would be more difficult if not reciprocally follow many of my followers.

#4: Nothing is Forever

Not less continue as a thank you or because you really care about the profile of the person who gave you the follow. But something else is true. Nothing is forever and follow is no exception. You can follow and unfollow any user when pleases you and therefore not have to give explanations. If making’re bothering someone can be sure you will know, or in the worst case you crash.

#5: You can Manage Chaos

Clearly, to start to follow hundreds of users will fill your timeline of tweets and links that do not always have that interest. That’s not a problem. Always they appear content that you might find useful or can apply filters search hashtagas or usementions. In addition twitter lists are a great tool to group your users followed by topics that are of interest.

Guillem Baches is Blogger, International Chess Master and well known expert at Social Media, Internet, Jobs and Citizen Services.

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