5+ Essential Applications to Manage your Twitter Account

Managing your Twitter account requires more and more attention from you as you go increasing the people who follow you and begin to follow as well as the many uses you make of this network both to publish information to stay current on your interests and news of the moment.

Here are five tools I consider essential today to manage both my personal Twitter account and different profiles I manage at our network of blogs and microblogs of WAYDN:

  • Hootsuite
  • Crowdfire
  • DLVR. IT
  • Native mobile application

1. Hootsuite: Scheduling your Content

Hootsuite is undoubtedly the idea and program implementation to publish content to multiple social networking profiles. Very useful both for Twitter and other social sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram. I use the Premium version even has a free version that you can suffice if you only what you use to manage your personal account.

2. IFTTT: Synchronizing your Social Networks

The best tool to automate any synchronization that occurs to you to do between different web sites or mobile applications. It can be used for many things among web services as varied. You can use it to make your photos Instagram published in Facebook or Twitter automatically, to receive an email each time you’re near a certain place, share the music you hear on Spotify, save your check-ins on a sheet calculation … Come for almost everything you can think of!

3. Crowdfire: Managing your Followers

Crowdfire is definitely the best tool to manage users who follow you and leave you to follow. It is ideal for followback your followers, see who has stopped following you, send welcome or follow people involved in a particular location or near your hashtag.

The free version you can serve your personal account to a limited extent. The premium version increases the limits of track and lets you manage multiple accounts. Interestingly, both can use your Twitter profile to Instagram.

4. DLVR. IT: Publishing your feeds

DLVR.IT is definitely my favorite service to publish content in different Twitter profiles from the RSS feeds from my blogs. If you want to publish different activity related to your content or your interests, this is the ideal tool. You can set the hours that public and manage multiple feeds and social networking accounts. Essential.

5. Mobile application for Android and iOS

Twitter mobile application has become the best tool to manage your user account on your mobile. It seems that Twitter has definitely concentrate on your own mobile application is the best on the market and he has. There was a time when very often failed or was very limited, but especially from the purchase of Tweetdeck, seems to have improved to the point that it is not necessary to look for other applications to manage your account.

Guillem Baches is Blogger, International Chess Master and well known expert at Social Media, Internet, Jobs and Citizen Services.

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