30+ Awesome Tools to Manage your Facebook Fanpage

This article attempts to gather the best tools and applications for managing your facebook page. Many of them have been very useful to overcome the 50,000 fans in our fanpage WAYDN.

  1. FriendCard reinvents your fanpage friendly presentation card.
  2. Coupon Pages offers deals for your fans on your fanpage.
  3. File Sharing application that allows file sharing on your fanpage.
  4. Scribd compartment application files in formats doc, xls, ppt, txt, jpg, pdf, etc.
  5. PDF Tab facebook application that allows you to display PDF files on your site.
  6. Fotobabble tremendous application that allows fans to add voice to your uploaded photos.
  7. LiveChat application that lets you add chat in real time to your fans.
  8. TinyChat chat for facebook fanpages.
  9. Forum for Pages to activate a link to your fanpage.
  10. SupportTab application that allows our fans to ask questions on our fanpage. Essential.
  11. ContactMe advanced lets you add contact information to your fanpage.
  12. ContactForm contact form to your fanpage.
  13. ContactTab has four general fields and allows us to configure which ones are required.
  14. My Top Fans application to detect and share who your most active fans on your fanpage.
  15. Booshaka application to detect superfans on our Facebook fanpage.
  16. Fan of the Week application to detect the fan of the week on Facebook, counting every week who are the most active users.
  17. Top SocialAppsHQ connects fans by fans profiles.
  18. Events Calendar apara create events related to your fanpage.
  19. Genbook app that allows your customers to confirm appointments through your fanpage.
  20. Invite Tabmaker facilitate application that allows your fans to invite their friends to your fanpage.
  21. Invite Friends Button for Pages You can create a button to invite friends to your fanpage.
  22. Smart Suggest to friends similar to the previous one that allows you to include a message of 250 characters in the invitations to your friends.
  23. RSS for Pages can send RSS feeds to your fanpage.
  24. Graffiti RSS RSS for similar pages.
  25. Extended Info application that extends the space of your profiles fanpage.
  26. FAQ Tab add an FAQ to your page.
  27. Google Plus Tab for Google+ essential to synchronize with your Fanpage Pages.
  28. TwitterTab sync your Twitter account with Facebook but you can already do it now directly from Twitter.
  29. PostPlanner allows you to program status updates on your wall.
  30. Static HTML lets you add 12 tabs on your fanpage.
  31. Selective Tweets application to send your tweets to your fanpage somewhat more selective using the hashtag #fb.

If you know some other essential tool for managing your Facebook Fanpage, do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

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