12+ Effective Ways To Improve Your Twitter Engadgement

In this article I have compiled 12 effective ways to improve Engadgement on Twitter and interacting with your followers. You can ignore them, most appear productive but do not forget that experimentation in form and content you share is the key to finding the magic formula that will improve your productivity and relationship with each of your followers.


#1: Give Very Personal Touch to Your Twitter Profile

Print your personality to your profile. Post a personal photo and try to be as you are in your real and professional life. Do not hide your passions and openly showing your tastes and interests.

#2: Be the first to break the news

Choose an area or field (or several) in which you feel comfortable and always attempts to provide value on that topic with the latest news and related content.

3#: Tweet Consistently but Leave Room

Personally, I share a link on Twitter every 5 minutes. Sometimes I do it even more often. It’s good though, leave some margin between your tweets to avoid saturating your followers and give more value to every status update you share.

#4: Ask and Answer Questions

Twitter is pure interaction. If they asked, answers. If you have doubts, you make them reach followers, surely someone in your timeline that I can help you or take a different view.

#5: Connect people

Twitter is a connector. Connects people and write multiple references to your followers so they can connect and know each other more easily.

#6: Be Generous and Promote Others

Do not be selfish. Not always share the links in your blog or website. Retuitar Make sure your most passionate fans and share everything that you think might be of value or interest some of your followers regardless of the source.

#7: Customize Your Tweets

Do not limit yourself to retweet or forward information shared by other users, try to give each tweet your personal touch or vision on the subject.

#8: Use less than 140 characters

A little trick. It was concise, as brief as possible and leave room in case any of your followers choose to answer or make RT and have more valuable space.

#9: Request Retweets

By ordering that it is. If you really share something that has a particular value or outstanding character does not hesitate to indicate or order the retweet directly. Just do not overdo it.

#10: Thank Your Sources

Mention your sources of inspiration, media or people who have helped you find the content you share.

#11: Tweet Same Content

Sorry. I do not think your fans read all messages you post on your timeline. There is no problem in sharing the same message every 4.6 or 12 hours even days if the information is valuable. Many of your followers are in different time zones or you can read at different times of day.

#12: Stay Open to New Connections

Fortunately or unfortunately, you’re not Justin Bieber nor Andres Iniesta and Sergio Ramos. Followback and returns the beam to follow everyone who follows you. It is a valuable gesture of reciprocity and the fact that following someone on Twitter does not mean a lifetime follow or be condemned to read all share.

Did you find it accurate? Would you change or add any advice?

Guillem Baches is Blogger, International Chess Master and well known expert at Social Media, Internet, Jobs and Citizen Services.

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