10+ Twitter Tools You Must be Using in Social Media

These are the Top 10 Twitter Tools I selected as essential to manage your profile and your relationship with your followers in Twitter.

There are hundreds thousands but I hope these ten Twitter apps will help you get the most out whether to upgrade from your desktop, your mobile phone, website or programming your twits.

1. Socialoomph: Automating your Twitter

Social oomph has many utilities as scheduling your status updates, Twitter users autofollow or send a direct message when someone else makes you follow.

2. TwitterCounter: Counting your Followers

TwitterCounter is a good tool to have stats on your profile and other prominent members.

3. Adjix: aka Schedulling your Tweets

Adjix is essential if you want to program or repeat your tweets. It is no outrage. Sure none of your contacts are connected to Twitter 24/7/365. I often repeat certain Tweets 3 times every 8 hours.

4. HelloTXT: Multiple Social Media

HelloTXT is an application that you used to update your status on multiple social networking and microblogging. It has multiple ways to update to Gmail, WordPress, Android app, MSN, Yahoo and contains khaces wishlist sites.

4. Brightkite: Sharing your Location

Brightkite is excellent service that runs between the middle of Facebook and Twitter with its strength in applications for mobile and location using GPS. It will update your posts on Twitter and Location of your profile whenever you make an update or Check-In.

5. Twitterfeed: Automating your Feeds to Twitter

TwitterFeed is very useful when you want to update your Twitter profile from the RSS feeds of your blog or other personal sites.

6. Twitdroid: Alternative Twitter Application

Twitdroid should be a very good Twitter app for Android OS users.

7. Friendorfollow: Managing your Followers

Friendorfollow is ideal if you want to know which of your contacts you are not following or take a look at your followers.

8. Twitter Native Application

Twitter definitely has the best desktop tool that lets you view everything that happens in multiple Twitter accounts.

9. Twitxr: Sharing Pictures

Twitxr was ideal for sending photos with mobile. You can also synchronize with other sociaels sites is a good option that facilitates emailing you post without installing any application on your mobile.

10. What else?

Please leave a comment with your favorite Twitter applications.

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