10+ Android Applications to Boost your Twitter Account

In recent days I have been downloaded and used by most Twitter applications listed in the infinite market for mobile applications Google Play.

Many of these mobile applications for managing Twitter accounts and had installed or had been used in some time but had not come to detail in all the functionality.

1. Twitter

Twitter application has improved greatly in part after buying some large web and mobile platforms to manage Twitter accounts. If like me you stopped using it worth switching back to giving an option.

2. Justunfollow

Justunfollow is one of the best web applications for managing Twitter accounts things like, follow your new fans, you know who has ceased to follow, schedule tweets or find new people to follow.

3. Tweet Generator

Perhaps one of the worst on this list but no longer useful. It is a small application to send tweets and famous quotes or jokes.

4. Tweetcaster

A good application of multiple accounts of Twitter and other social networks. It is ideal for those whose employment manage more than a personal account, brand or company.

5. Scope

Scope is great. Perhaps one of the most elegant and allows the management of multiple accounts in multiple social networks.

6. Icons Twitter

Small application that has crept into the top but it is fun to send text and icons on Twitter.

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuit is maybe one of the best tools to manage your Twitter profiles. If you want to make the most I recommend the paid version that allows you many tools and statistics to manage feeds and Twitter accounts, Facebook and other Social Networks.

8. Seesmic

Seesmic became one of the Twitter applications more and more widely used and certainly still has its fans. Ideal for managing multiple accounts and now fairly stable something that has always been able to boast.

9. Buffer

An application to manage tweets sent to your social networks by creating a buffer or RSS tweets that are posted to your profile periodically. 100% recommended.

10. What else?

Tell us your favorite Twitter applications.

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